my first poetry collection: available now.

I've never been so excited to say that my first book, Roses in SoHo, is now available on Barnes & Noble's online store. Not only that, but it is now the #1 Best Seller in the Self-Published category, and almost in the Top 500 off of the entire website. It's beyond belief to think about, and almost feels surreal. I've never believed in myself more than I do now in this exact moment. 

I started writing poetry solely for the purpose of expressing my emotions in a different form of a diary. I had the intent to only share my work with myself, but when I found out that one of my closests friends wrote as well, I showed her my work. She was the first person to tell me that my hobby shouldn't be kept a secret, but I was still unsure of myself at the time and never put my work out there. 

I remember being in English class in middle school when my teacher assigned the class to write a poem about the weather outside. I looked outside the window and saw the world at once. He pulled me aside after he graded my work and joked that I had to write a book someday. I think there's a certain kind of beauty to those who write, because we take in every little detail of the things we experience and turn them into art. Some people may believe it's more of a curse than a blessing, but I truly do not know how else I'd want to live if I cannot feel it all. 

I want to encourage all aspiring writers out there to do what you feel you cannot do. If I told my 11 year-old self that I'd have a bestselling book, and my work would mean something to others, I would not be able to believe it. Never stop trying and keep writing. All of your hard work and effort will be worth it one day. 

If you'd like to check out my book, click here for the link. I want to say another big thank you to everyone encouraging me and reading my work. It means the world to me and I cannot be thankful enough.