paris, france.

I had fallen in love. you left me, and all I could think about was Paris. we stared at the ceiling with my head on your chest and talked about where we’d go spend our honeymoon once we married. France is the place of beauty, you had told me. and you are more than beautiful.

I felt that love leave on a Tuesday morning. I promised myself I’d still go visit Paris, even on my own. I packed my suitcase, full of slip dresses and bubble bath, and was set to go.

I did have a hole in my heart that was once filled with you, but I learned to repair it on my own. I could do this all by myself. I would still stay in the honeymoon suite - the room with a view. I would still order wine for morning - I loved breakfast in bed. I would still spend the day shopping, writing in cafes, and looking at art - I could take my time. who is there to look after besides myself?

I’ll have to admit, the end of us was overpowering - but thank God I wasn’t on the airplane with you to the destination when you decided to break my heart. I do still grasp my finger to adjust a ring that is no longer there, but I will go buy myself a new one. here I am, overlooking the world, about to land. maybe being alone isn’t the worst feeling, but a chance to be myself.

I looked around the beautiful city, and I had fallen in love again. this time, with being alive.


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