with a heart that grows like flowers.

I'd imagine, being in love feels a lot like velvet, pearls, and white roses.

I found my grandmother's pearls that she gave to me when she passed, so I decided to try them on. I love how versatile pearls could be - yet, they always adds elegance. I paired it with a velvet dress. if you were to take away the pearls from the outfit, the dress could pass for a grunge-inspired slip from the 90s. the necklace gives it a classier feel.

there's nothing more calming than a bouquet of roses. I always have a hard time passing them by without purchasing a few.

what's your favorite flower? feel free to leave me a comment below!

thank you so much for reading.


  1. Roses! Just like you!

  2. any kind of tulip

  3. Okay WHAT you are beautiful!!

  4. omg I never really realized how much difference pearls can make. you are absolutely right with out them it could pass for a grunge inspired dress from the 90s.
    Roses are deff. my favorite <<33

  5. Gorgeous. You are absolutely gorgeous.


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