My Writing Routine.

I write poetry approximately three times a day, and I've done this religiously for the past two years. Writing has always been my favorite pastime. I've been asked what my routine is everyday, so here are my tips and tricks on how I'm able to write so much!


Coffee shops and bookstores are my favorite whereabouts to sit down and think of ideas. Go to places that "set the mood" and have no distractions. You can't really do much at a cafe besides sit down, eat, and write in your journal, so it's perfect!

My French Pharmacy Skincare Picks.

My newest obsession? The New London Pharmacy in Chelsea! I went for the first time on my birthday, and I was completely in love. They stock a ton of hard-to-find skincare products, even brands from different countries.

I've been loving everything from France lately - music, food, and skincare. I promise, French skincare products are completely worth your time. I've always had really troubled skin, but it's been so great lately, thanks to these products.