how to wonder.

they say hearts see ten times past vision
I’ve always felt sheltered by my glasses
troubled at letting go of things in front of me
managing to carry boulders when I weigh feathers

longing for the answer of not breaking at the stem
pleading to split down the middle
always dealt the smaller end

I will forever be a third of myself
if I count every step I took backwards

cars passing by as lines of light
and I know my direction is north
the hands around my waist
seem to spin me around clockwise
life having its middles
and I am reminded of my favorite novel’s end

I walked towards him like a withered rose
how am I looking in the mirror and blooming


  1. I’m so inlove with all your works. One of the things that get me through the day everyday.

  2. beautiful, Christine.

  3. I read twice and there....I found life! Its amazing, just beautiful. I love it.

  4. are you working on releasing a new book this year? i hope!

  5. Oh that’s beautiful!


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