My Poetry Idea Masterlist.

Every poet has been there.... that moment as you open up your journal, begin to write, then pause out of nowhere. I used to search on Google, "What can I write a poem about?" and received the most painfully boring ideas. If you're tired of people telling you to write about a dog, a heart, or a tree - this post is for you. Coming from a fellow writer, here are some poems you can create!

  • write a poem in the format of a letter to your future self.
  • people tend to have a lot of bad habits. what are they?
  • you see a handsome/beautiful person on the side of the street. what do you do?
  • why are you longing for the future?
  • think about your dreamland. what does it look like? why is it just a dream?
  • why is the sky blue?
  • explain how college can be stressful for students in a slam poem. what has to change? 
  • you take your helmet off in space. what happens?
  • what is something that is constantly in the back of your mind, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it?
  • think about the time you broke up with someone. what would have changed if you stayed?
  • you check the time on your alarm clock, and you were supposed to wake up at 10 AM. it's now 10 PM. where has the time gone?
  • what do we experience differently?
  • you've had your heartbroken in the past by someone you once loved. what would you do if they came back?
  • what is your biggest fear? pretend that it happened to you.
  • be completely honest about something you're passionate about. why is it such a big deal?
  • why does time exist?
  • you have to get up, move, and leave everything behind you. where are you going and why?
  • tell someone something they don't want to hear.
  • why do we wish at 11:11? For what?
  • you jump into the deep end of a pool. what happens?
  • what if the month you were born in was a human? what would they be like?
  • does fame and fortune really matter?
  • you did something wrong. explain why you must forgive yourself.
  • the hardest part was leaving. why?
  • what is something you're positive about, even when people put you down?
  • you find yourself in a cave. what happens?
  • think about the time you asked someone what they said and their response was that "it was nothing". what did they say?
  • it's your last day on earth. who have you decided to spend it with? is it their last day, too?
  • what are some of your childhood memories?
  • you have a cut on your knee. how did you get it?
  • why do we hate mondays?
  • your car breaks down in the middle of a storm. 
  • write a poem about time passing from the morning to midnight.

If you decide to use any of my ideas to create some lovely art, please make sure to send them my way! I would absolutely love to read your work.

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