The Beautifully-Minimal Skagen Watch.

If watches are "going out of style" because we have smartphones, I'm not listening.

I've always been a fan of watches, even if my first one had a picture of Barbie on it. When I first saw this model by Skagen, I was stunned. 

I've never owned a watch that has two timezones on it before. I set the main one to East Coast time, and the smaller, second setting to West Coast. I might change it over to the Central European timezone, however. I've always wanted to visit France, and this watch is my little reminder of motivation. 

Compared to other watches I've worn, this one is very light. I also love the look of worn leather, and this band naturally breaks down to give it that "beautifully-used, but handled with care" look. 

You can check out Skagen's official website here! Select styles are currently on sale. You can also get a 25% off discount towards your next purchase when you sign up for their newsletter with your email.

If you could have any watch in the world, what watch would you choose? 

Thank you so much for reading.


  1. It's an amazing watch

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  2. I see this brand all the time at winners they have a nice selection

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